Cancer – Its Forms and Symptoms

lab The medical world today has identified about a hundred various forms of cancer. The causes of these cancers are varied; they originate in the various tissues of the body and develop in different ways. The common element in these various forms of cancer is that normal cells in the body grow wild and lose control over their growth and development. The following are the common symptoms of cancer.

If a person suffers from any one or two of these general symptoms of cancer, it is better to see the doctor at the earliest opportunity.

There are various forms of cancer and it is the second largest cause of death in the US. The most common forms of cancer have been found to afflict the skin, breast, lungs and the prostate gland while cancer of the white blood cells is referred to as Leukemia. Breast cancer is most frequently diagnosed among women while among men prostate cancer is most common. The major risk factors for both these forms of cancer are age, family history and age. In the case of prostate cancer ethnicity also plays a great role in determining the risk factor.

Colon and rectal cancer is generally detected in patients above the age of fifty. Leukemia, with symptoms of fatigue weight loss and repeated infections are generally diagnosed among smokers and those who are exposed to chemicals and ionizing radiation. Leukemia can also be a side effect of cancer treatment. Smokers and those exposed to passive smoking, air pollution and asbestos can be victims of lung cancer.

Many cancers are influenced by lifestyle as well and bringing about lifestyle changes like losing weight, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake and consuming more of fruits and vegetables rather than meat, will ensure that a person can minimize the risk of cancer.